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 Our History

Our company began as a drug store in 1860. It was located in the heart of downtown Peoria, at 126 N. Adams Street (where Caterpillar Corporate Headquarters is presently). Prior to 1901, the company was named for its current owner. Some of its owners were, in chronological order, Jairus Lawrence Jr. and Charles Culver, Tillman Marteeny, Thomas Kavanaugh, and Lewis McFadden.

Fred DeKroyft became the drug store manager under Lewis McFadden, and he took over in 1901, naming the company DeKroyft Pharmacy. He focused on supplying prescription drugs for doctors and individual customers. Mr. DeKroyft continued with the pharmacy and acquired Mr. Glenn Metz as his partner in the business in the early 1940's. The company then became DeKroyft-Metz & Co. When Mr. DeKroyft retired in the mid-1940's, Glenn Metz took over leadership of the company.

After Fred DeKroyft's retirement, Glenn Metz, along with his staff, decided to keep the name DeKroyft-Metz & Co. since it was well-established and known as a company committed to excellence and integrity in the medical supply field. In 1954, they incorporated the company. Employee Ludwig Haluska was a registered pharmacist, so when Glenn Metz retired in the early 1960's, he became president of the company, and employee Al Jakoby became vice president. They continued to fill prescriptions and offer retail medical supplies with the highest integrity and quality. They also took orders from medical facilities, like nursing homes and clinics, and their goal was to supply these clients with the best possible health care equipment, and in the timeliest fashion possible. They achieved this vision.

During this time, DeKroyft-Metz had the opportunity to move just across the street to 201 N.E. Adams Street, into a new and bigger building. They did this in 1964. In this location, DeKroyft-Metz tripled in square footage, featuring a retail store with the latest in surgical supplies. It had fitting rooms for clients coming in with needs. They satisfied customers needing prescriptions filled, and also those who needed medical supplies. DeKroyft-Metz, under the leadership of Ludwig Haluska, was always looking to be on the front edge of the medical field. It also featured deliveries to nursing homes and other medical facilities.

As president, Ludwig Haluska kept the vision of DeKroyft and Metz, and in 1970, initiated our business to the realm of hospital supply. This segment of the company expanded and grew under Ludwig's leadership, and Gary Haluska, Ludwig's son, became its president and leader in 1979, upon his father's death.


When Gary Haluska became president, he followed the generations before him in filling prescriptions and medical supplies with integrity and excellence. He and his staff chose in the 80's and 90's to focus solely on wholesale distribution, closing operation of our prescription and retail services. Under the leadership of Mr. Haluska, DeKroyft-Metz & Co., Inc. has tripled in size. We have acquired a large distribution facility and developed a committed team of associates both at this location and at our office headquarters.

What was begun in 1860 continues to today; DeKroyft-Metz & Co., Inc. is a health care company committed to excellence and integrity in supplying the best lines of products to the best health care givers in the Midwestern United States. Our focus has become to service all segments of health care service delivery. We are very familiar with marketing to the health care delivery network, as we meet the needs of the administrative service division and retain the flexibility of meeting the needs of the individual members of the network. We currently service large hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, along with a large contingent of smaller clinics and individual doctors. We are, of course, always looking to expand our scope, but we have been able to retain our commitment to integrity and the ability to cater to our customers' individual needs. With our dynamic technology, we have great flexibility and are constantly looking for ways to improve and for new services to offer our customers.

Our vision has expanded in scope, and yet remains true to our founders in our commitment: to be the most excellent health care distributor in the Midwest.

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