201 N.E. Adams Street Peoria, Illinois 61602 (309)673-3741

 Our Mission

DeKroyft-Metz & Co., Inc. exists to distribute healthcare supplies of proven acceptance to a variety of medical practice settings while adding services and technological enhancements of recognizable benefit.

To that end, we value:

  • Consistent, auditable product pricing
  • Accurate, timely distribution of products
  • Unique, individualized customer services
  • Dedicated team of customer-focused staff

Having served the needs of the Healthcare Marketplace for over 100 years, we’ve expanded our services to meet and exceed the requirements and preferences evident within healthcare practices. Recently, we have focused our attention on the minor capital equipment needs of our customer base, expanding our penetration to include additional geographical locations and enlarging our portfolio of products to meet expanded demand.

Our goal is to continue to build upon our success while providing a unique service in the Healthcare industry. Our standard of meeting the best possible quality of service to our customers remains unchanged.

With a century of experience as innovators in a frequently changing industry, we are happy to continue that trend, applying our model of success to newly developed shifts and refinements in the Healthcare industry.

Adjusting our services to meet the demand of our customers is one of the things we do best. We have a history that spans generations and a reputation of being committed to excellence and integrity that we are happy to say we are proud of. That reputation is in pleasing you, the customer and fulfilling the expectations of quality of product and services that you expect.